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reccessional's Journal

『of one brain 』
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we are chiretto, tyltyl & mytyl。 this is our shared icon journal where we post whatever we want whenever we want。 feel free to watch the comm to see our updates; we like stalkers C:

『 the rules 』
❶ do not hot link the icons for whatever reason.
❷ do not claim them as yours or others & credit accordingly; either by the creator: tyltyl, mytyl or chiretto OR by the comm itself reccessional.
❸ unless there is a note left by the creator saying that the following icons are bases, do not edit them or use them in other parts of another graphic. please, please, PLEASE contact us before editing them.
❹ we'll do our best to use official art as much as we possibly can, however all of the fan art that will be used will be either found on 4chan or credited by the artist at the bottom of the post. if by chance you know who the particular artist, please comment and we adjust as necessary.

『 affiliates 』
cocoa_icons | epicfail | iconfu | kivat | lonelygambler | naturalperms | aurisu